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Sam Barlow

Artist-blacksmith and sculptor in metal and stone, handling bespoke commissions from his Lairg-based workshop.

Sam recently created the Fishtail entrance to the new Falls of Shin visitor centre, Lairg

Sam has produced a solid but delicate and intricate work combining stone, a material abundant in Mackay Country with the oldest rocks to be found anywhere in Europe, and metal work depicting the Bard. The metal is incorporated into the stone showing a continuum and slice of the living and inhabitants of the environment as Rob Donn’s work revealed.

Sam said "Reading the words of Rob Donn I was impressed with the sense of excavating a seam of life from the cultural geology of Duthaich Mhicaoidh (Mackay Country). As if you could strike into a strata of recent history and a flourish of life would spring forth (from the past)" 

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