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Kinlochbervie, Rob Donn and Loch Inshard

Rob Donn composed two notable poems set in this area.  One features Davie, a resident of Loch Inshard whose boat was blown off course to Orkney.  Unfortunately he was rescued:

Bha do nàbaidhean toigheach,                       

Anns gach bàgh ’g iarraidh naidheachd,                    

’S leis a’ chràdh bh’ orr’, chan fhaigheadh iad deur.   

Ach o ’n chual iad thu thilleadh,                                

O na cuantaibh, gun mhilleadh,                                 

Shìn an sluagh ud air sileadh gu lèir. 

Your loving neighbours were searching

For news in each bay

With such grief that no tear could they manage,

But when they heard you’d returned

From the oceans unharmed,

Those people all started to cry.

The other praises the determined young Anna MacKay, who left her family to marry a young cowherd living at the shielings near Aisir (‘Oldshore’).

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