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Tiling Rob Donn

Lotte Glob and Martina MacLeod  have agreed to help in creating 2 ceramic wall plaques.


Lotte is directing five pupils from Kinlochbervie High and five pupils from Farr High Schools to join 20 invited adults to each produce a ceramic tile. 

Martina working with the art teachers of the 6 primary schools and asking every child in 6 primary schools to paint a ceramic tile 10x10 cms. based on their understanding of anything to do with Rob Donn. We will provide all the materials required.


The tiles will be fired and brought together to create a wall plaque which will be housed in Strathnaver Museum. 

A First view of the glazed and fired tiles

The 6 primary schools across Mackay Country have participated in each child creating a ceramic tile based on their understanding of Rob Donn.

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