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Wendy Sutherland

Wendy lives and works in the far north of Scotland producing atmospheric interpretations of her surrounding landscape. Wendy Sutherland was born and is based in Brora, East Sutherland, in 1975. In 1997 she graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with First Class Honours, becoming a Master of Fine Arts two years later. Since 1998, she has held eight one-person exhibitions.


Wendy is the recipient of some ten art awards. Wendy has for some time identified as her primary goal an evolving interpretation of the landscape of the Scottish Highlands through a range of media and in this chosen field is already considered a leading figure.

Wendys inspiration

the word spinning in a vortex is 'snow'

'i was born in the winter

among the lowering mountains,

and my first sight of the world

snow and wind about my ears' 

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