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Kyle of Tongue


The welcoming villages of Tongue, Melness and Skerray on the far north coast of Sutherland will charm you with some of the most spectacular scenery in Scotland. From the Kyle of Tongue at the head of the Mackay Country to the panorama of hills to the east, south and west, the friendliness of the people and the dramatic and inspiring landscape make an unforgettable experience.

The unspoilt villages are pleasantly remote for those who wish to escape the stresses of towns and cities and be at one with the beauties of nature. Sutherland , a county which has the lowest population density in the whole of Western Europe.
Silvery-gold, clean sands stretch between the rocky outcrops of the coastline and clear waters give frequent glimpses of seals and otters and sometimes whales and dolphins and the hills abound in wildlife throughout the year.

Wide skies give sights of a fascinating variety of birds, including the magnificent golden eagle. There is a splendid wildness, and yet a comforting peace for the mind. Discover for yourself golf, swimming and other leisure activities, museums, a crofting village and many other places of historical interest. This part of the north of Scotland is an ideal destination for visitors of any age.

A Northern Paradise

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