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Sango Beach

Sited in the centre of Durness close to the Tourist Information, Sango is a series of three small inlets exposing areas of sandy beach popular with visitors being obvious from the road and easily reached.

Sango Bay (Sangomore) is situated on the root of the Balnakeil peninsula very near to Durness and is close to, and readily accessible from, the main north coast road. The beach is over 1/2 a mile long, although it is divided into three parts by rocky protuberances. The inter-tidal zone is nearly 150 yards wide, with a small area of upper beach between high water mark and the cliff-foot at the extreme southern end of the beach.

The general trend of the coastline is northwest to southeast, although a number of fairly small indentations, usually connected with the geological structure, complicate the trend.

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