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Ruth Macdougall

Ruth’s site-specific practice is intriguingly wide-ranging, but she has recently returned to photography and performance-to-camera. 

Social Politics have always fed my work and this can partly be attributed to the time I spent living and studying in Beirut and Chile but equally to growing up in an area of the Scottish countryside which has strong ties with the socialist movement in the early 20th Century. In a desire to address the many conflicting influences that this combination of experiences has produced, I have learned to reconcile my political sensibilities with the personal perspective with which I approach my work, allowing the innately poetic aesthetic of my work to convey its own political message.


My residency in MacKay country is based on local history as told through the story telling and bardic tradition of the area. Before arriving here I knew little of Eilean Nan Ron ( Island of the Seals) but have since found myself completely seduced by the stories that surround the island and its inhabitants. Ideas of territory, Utopia and its impossibility have emerged time and again in my work and there is certainly an element of the Utopian in the stories that I have heard of The Island. Over the next three months I intend to develop a site specific work that will both communicate the sentiment and culture of the area whilst opening up a new dialogue between island and mainland, past and present.

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