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Searching the Archive

This is the working area of the archive. The black band across the top contains an image, An area to accept text for searching, search button, reset form button, 2 buttons to move through searched records, a button for viewing a summary of the searched results, a button to view the current result as a report, a button to e mail the current report to an address of the operators choice, a text box to enter a specific accession number of a known record and the button to operate the search. The number of results available are displayed at the top of the form. On the admin form an archive catalogue button will produce an extensive and comprehensive PDF of the entire archive.

The centre light brown band contains the information about the current record.

· Accession Number is the unique number associated with a particular record.

· Category will be displayed when this has been included in the file data of the record.

· Permitted uses. Some records are only allowed for specific uses and this will be displayed.

· People in the image or associated with e record are displayed here when they are known.

· General description hold as much of the information that is known about the record

· Interviewer and Narrator will display appropriate names when applicable.

· An image will appear when the record is an image or an image depicting the type of file that is held by the record, Video, Audio, Document. Click to open

The black band at the bottom of the form carries an information request asking operators for any further information known about a record. The record return button will open an email with the current record attached to be sent to the archive admin with further descriptions.

Close database shuts down the archive.

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