The houses in this area are not numbered in sequence but there is a large green sign at our gate. A quiet peaceful location with beatiful views

This is a wild and beautiful area where the scale of living in a vast unspoilt environment is a unique experience. The A838 is the main route around the north west coast of Sutherland from Durness  the most north-westerly village on Mainland Britain and the centre of the ancient lands of Clan Mackay. The beaches that line the coast and are visible from the road are picture postcard visions. Others hidden from view are just as easily accessible when their location is known. The drive past, Meall Meadhonach, Beinne Spionnaidh and Cranstackie towering to the west and Loch Eriboll on the east.

The road turns west along the top of Scotland, a large detour to get round Loch Eriboll, a sea loch that opens out into the Pentland Firth. This seemingly remote road passes through the strung out crofting township of Laid where little houses are backed by rough croft ground to the shores down the west side of Loch Eriboll. This was created in 1832 to house people cleared from Eriboll, on the far side of the loch, to make way for sheep.

It is an ideal place to explore the solitude of the highlands, to watch the varied wildlife and birds, or enjoy a spot of fishing or golf. Being on the “corner” of Scotland, this makes an ideal base for touring the rest of the northwest highlands, a vast area of outstanding natural beauty.